What if the abc logo had been one of these?

Caleb Owen Everitt

Loving the masculine feel of these designs for masculine clients (a butcher shop, a men’s clothing store, a “gentleman’s race,” I wasn’t kidding!) by Caleb Owen Everitt.


LustList: Cire Trudon Candles

Cire Trudon candles are a perfect example of how having a story behind your product can really hook buyers.  I came across these candles (from the oldest wax makers in France!) on the Ill Studio site (they designed their logo and marketing materials, which I love), and wanting to see more, I checked out their website.

On the website, I discovered these enchanting descriptions for each candle and now I totally want one.  I’ve never even smelled them, and that’s the whole point, that they smell good, but I’m completely captivated just based on these identities and stories they give each candle.  I don’t even need to smell the candles, I feel like I’m on a mental vacation just reading their descriptions.

Like the Roi Soleil… “Fragrance of the mirror gallery and the vast wooden floor of the Chateau de Versailles, vapours of wax, candelabras and palace…”  How could you not want a candle that makes your home smell like “palace”?!

These make basic candles, with scents like “fresh laundry” and “green meadows,” look even more quaint than they already were. I have never been drawn to candles like that, but especially now that I know how much better you can do. Why settle for “fresh laundry” when you can have “palace”?

I’m just completely taken with their branding and marketing all around.  The writing is amazing and the design is sophisticated, understated, and thorough.  They even made these pretty booklets (see gallery) about the history of the company and their processes with these endearingly old-fashioned text book-like sketches illustrating their methods.  Oh, and the header fonts were custom-made by Ill Studio for the company.  Everything is perfectly in line with their overall brand image.

Levi’s Photo Workshop

This is such a fun (and smart) idea by Levi’s.  They’ve created a pop-up “shop,” in New York, but instead of being an actual Levi’s store, it’s a photography center– with computers and equipment for digital photo processing, a photobooth, and an area where you can rent out vintage film cameras.  And should you need any help, there are sharply dressed Levi’s reps there to assist.

And this pop-up is on the heels of a successful printmaking workshop space in San Francisco a few months ago.  Pretty clever move for a denim brand that as of a couple years ago was a rather unexciting, tired brand rapidly losing market share to the the dozens of expensive niche denim purveyors out there.

Here’s what CoolHunting had to say about the thinking behind the project after their conversation with the brand’s head of collaborations, Joshua Katz:

“The payoff of course is “if you make that extra effort, people can believe in it.” Or in other words, their success comes from embracing hard work and community as core values from the top down. “There are fundamental philosophies that don’t change,” says Katz. “The [brands] that stick around are people who recognize that they are part of a community.” In addition to opening its doors to artists, community groups and non-profits, all proceeds from sales of Levi’s goods (including the exclusive Trucker Jacket, pictured) and camera-related items will go to NYC-based charitable organizations Harvey Milk High School, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Edible Schoolyard New York.”

I personally think that the rationale presented may be a little overwrought, but who cares, because it’s fun and cool and its getting them tons of attention, press, and renewed brand awareness and perception.  Well done, Levi’s.

More images and info on coolhunting.

Many Fold Farm Identity System

Seriously.  I’m totally hooked, just based on the identity system.  That’s impressive for meat and cheese, something about which you really want to be sure of the quality.

It’s not flashy or catchy at all, but the details work perfectly together– the font and its color, the image and its color, the card shape with its cutouts, the super-thickness of the paper, and the letterpress– to speak volumes about the quality of the brand.  …Exactly what you’d want in an identity system.

By Studio on Fire for Many Fold Farm, which specializes in fine meats and cheeses. You can check out Many Fold Farm’s blog here.

images reblogged from Pixels & Arrows

The Usual Suspects

Behind the scenes on the set of a Wes Anderson commercial shoot, from Contributor Magazine.

The Devil’s in the Details

We’re currently picking up any and all tidbits that could inspire the branding and graphics package for the Mattei’s Tavern project (current logo design above), and I think this package by KURO collective for the A Cowboy’s Dream hotel is pretty awesome.

Click the jump for the rest of the post…

It goes way beyond a good logo and printed materials… they incorporate textures and objects that fit with the look of the hotel, like the wooden door tags, burlap grain sacks to hold toiletries, cast-iron skillet, and flask.

The skillet is brilliant.

Love these brown glass bottles for the toiletries that look like they are from an old apothecary…

A comprehensive package like this can lay the foundation for a cohesive identity for a property. We want to make sure all the details, from room numbers, to key fobs, to menus, have a specific identity like this.

Also, as a side note, one thing we want to get exactly right is a picnic set people can take on hikes, so we’re constantly looking for cool bags and details, and I just came across these cool wooden utensils…

Utensils from Sprout Home via Happy Lady Eats, and Cowboy’s Dream materials found on Pixels & Arrows

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