Jeff Bridges’ Photography

Who knew Jeff Bridges is into photography and takes photos chronicling his experiences on the films he works on? I just discovered that he has a very friendly, diy-looking website where he shares the photos, and I spent a solid hour browsing his portfolio.









I love Jeff Bridges, the photos are great, and the whole concept makes me happy. I love that he is into sharing his personal behind-the-scenes take on his work, and it doesn’t have a promotional feel at all, it just feels like he loves photography, loves his job, and wanted to share it with whomever cared to seek it out.

All the photos have captions describing the scene and people, and their tone is like something you would write in an album you were going to show your kids some day. He even has hand-written/drawn intros (like the one below) to each part of the site, adding a folksy flair to the whole thing.

Most of the photos here are from Crazy Heart (because I loved it), but the True Grit ones (like top right) are great too and there are tons on the site!


Getaway Essentials

As mentioned before, I don’t know what it is, but I’m a sucker for reading lists of other people’s favorite things (so much so that I’ve started asking other people to answer those things for this blog), so I was so happy to see that The Coveteur did another “Essentials” post with Vogue.

Last time it was NYFW essentials, this time, summer getaway gear. In addition to their essentials, the contributors describe where they like to getaway to in the summer and a bit about why these are their essentials, which you can read on the original post here.


Top left: Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss; top right: Chloe Malle, Vogue Social Editor; and above: Claiborne Swanson Frank, photographer.

L’Amour Fou

Really looking forward to the new documentary on Yves Saint Laurent, L’Amour Fou.

The NYT did a great review of the film that convinced me that L’Amour Fou is about precisely the parts of Saint Laurent’s life I am most intrigued by — his love (and collection) of art and homes and his relationship with his partner in business and life, Pierre Berge.


Previous documentaries have focused on the fashion (which is, of course, amazing), but I really became intrigued by Saint Laurent during the time of the Christie’s auction of his estate when photos of his homes and art collections began to surface, and this documentary centers around that event.

Oh, btw, the auction netted $484 MILLION. See what I mean? He had one hell of a collection.

For more images from his estate, check out this Vanity Fair article and the beautiful black and white photos by Hedi Slimane.

Wes and Crew

Vanessa Traina’s Living Room

Vanessa Traina, brand ambassador for Chanel, daughter of Danielle Steele, and model for Louis Vuitton.

Love: the simple palette, LV trunk as coffee table, camel velvet sofa, gallery wall.

You can see the rest of the apartment here, although this was by far my favorite pic.  The rest is a little overboard for me…

[Shot for Harper's Bazaar]

Marc Jacobs (before & after)

I’ve had a bunch of images of Marc Jacob’s apartment saved for a while, and when I went to create this post, I realized that they didn’t all look like they came from the same apartment… and then I realized that the shots that show Marc himself showed two very different Marcs.  Interestingly, they are of his first and second Paris apartments, before and after his transformation into a tan, fit, and meticulously groomed version of himself.  Here, his first apartment.

Had you forgotten that he used to look like this??  I had!  He looks like a baby!  Would you ever see him  in this outfit or with hair like this today?  Never!  Pretty crazy transformation.

Click through for shots from his current Paris apartment.  Apparently after the personal-image transformation he also went on an absolute contemporary-art-buying bender, as his previous apartment had almost none and his current apartment his practically overflowing with Ruschas, Currins, etc.

The man as he is today.  Yes, that’s an Ed Ruscha painting behind him.  Pretty intense image, no?  Shot for W Magazine.

I like the two shots above, they look homey and warm, but other than that, I like the old apartment better… for example, I like the room below about 0%.

???  Is this even in the same apartment?  Where is all the Parisian architectural charm???

Same question here… why is this so not charming and very, like, Hyatt Regency Chicago?  (Although I will point out that Richard Prince above the bed.  Having a Richard Prince above your bed is kind of, um, absurd.  Those things hang in museums.  And apparently over Marc Jacob’s bed.

Conclusion: he drastically improved his own appearance and his art collection, but somehow took a downgrade in the taste in interiors department.  Do you agree?

Tastemakers >> Badgley Mischka

Still seriously loving the Kentucky home of Mark Badgley and James Mischka, as photographed for Elle Decor.
This photo above always gets me, I like pretty much every element… the color-coordinated cookbooks + hanging pots and pans + white subway tile + high-contrast countertop + brass drawer hardware.

Lots of my favorite things for a dining room– built-in bookshelves, cozy size, dark walls… Interesting that the books on the bookshelves provide almost the only color throughout the house.

Notice that the house has almost no color (other than the books on the bookshelves)– they make great use of contrasting whites and black and warm it up with lots of wood tones and shades of leather.  Also no patterns other than plaid!  Sounds like it would be severe but it’s not!
Love this bedroom.
The walls of most of the rooms Sherwin Williams Modern Gray, according to the article in Elle Decor.
Badgley is actually a serious horse-person, so they fully refurbished the barn and riding ring for his two show-horses, Brando and Cooper, so named “because they are so good-looking.” Ha!

[original Elle Decor article online here]

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