Still Loving >> Vintage Suitcases as Decor

I’m not sure if this qualifies as an actual trend or just a personal fave, but either way, I’m definitely still loving it.

Above, from the home of Obedient Sons and Daughters couple Swaim and Christina Hutson, photographed by Todd Selby, posted on his blog The Selby.


Sometimes the line between trend and personal obsession is totally unclear for me, as I will have an obsession that I justify by making a mental note of every time I ever see it done, so to me, it starts to seem like it’s everywhere, when in reality, it might just be because it’s on my personal radar, ya know?

Then, this gets even more peculiar when I feel like I’ve seen something too many times and I hit my personal saturation point, and I feel like I’m over that obsession because then it seems like an overdone trend.  And all the while it might not have even been a real trend, I was just primed to seek out examples of it.

The two above are from the current issue Cottage Living magazine. Interestingly, I’d already written this post and saved it as a draft about three weeks before when I came across these images (thanks Ali!)– so maybe it is a trend…

Finally, the apartment of Deborah Lloyd, the createive director of Kate Spade (is it possible to have a crush on a company?? Also, did you know Kate left the company in ’07 and Lloyd has never even met her?).

I love not only the old suitcasees, but also pretty much everything else.  The art propped everywhere, the globes, the zebra touches, the hate box, even the pink.  And it’s pretty brilliant that the pink is only on pillows, so if you got sick of the pink and switched out the pillows, the place would have a totally different feel.


Tastemakers >> Jenna Lyons

Since I’ve mentioned her twice now, I figured I’d just go ahead and post her apartment here for those who haven’t seen it yet.  It’s one of those that has made its rounds on the blog world, but just in case you haven’t seen it…

For the unitiated, Jenna Lyons is the Creative Director for J. Crew and is largely responsible for the major increase in style and quality that J. Crew has witnessed in the past few years that has taken it from the J. Crew of my childhood, which I remember being full of only ill-fitting lumpy khaki pants, to the reliably current-but-classic brand seen often on Michelle O.
The bedroom, which was sometimes photographed with plain white linens.  I personally prefer the shot of red!

More on Jenna Lyons’ career here.

Photos from the now-defunct Domino website and Living Etc. shots via Habitually Chic


The Usual Suspects

Behind the scenes on the set of a Wes Anderson commercial shoot, from Contributor Magazine.


To Have "a Look"

I think Alexander Wang is one of those people that has got his “look” figured out… doesn’t his apartment totally parallel his clothing?? He knows what he likes! The apartment was designed by Ryan Korban, and I think he did a fantastic job interpreting Wang’s taste. Usually one of the biggest challenges for designers is helping clients distill what they actually want and like… not this one!

Like his designs, which start with basics and classics and add a twist that gives them some sex appeal and edginess, the apartment is mostly filled with antiques (French chairs, above dresser, chesterfield sofa) and is done in a limited palette restricted to black, white, and a few neutrals, but the textures and materials and accessories (fur, chrome, black leather, black and white photo above) give it some glam and a rock ‘n roll vibe.

via This is Glamorous

PS – Alexander Wang is going to be at Opening Ceremony in LA this Saturday for a trunk show!!! You can rsvp at Refinery29

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