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Vans + Robert Verdi


What a freaking awesome collaboration. I’m not really a Vans girl, in fact, when it comes to sneakers I’m utterly loyal to these Bensimons, but this special edition is too cool not to post. For stylist Robert Verdi, Vans created a custom line based on Verdi’s prized collection of vintage Hermes scarves.

Apparently, he had to request this because Hermes refused to do a collection with Vans. I get that it doesn’t really work with their brand standards, but the high/low combo is really pretty awesome, I wish they could’ve gotten down with it.


Images from the Vans flickr, via WTF

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Lustlist: Red Pants

red pants

Bright pants have never really gone out of school in the South, but apparently this season they’re catching on everywhere!  I love it!








It’s cool for guys too:


Images via Garance, The Sartorialist, EmersonMade, and more…

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EmersonMade, originally makers of cute flower pins and accessories, has continued to expanded its line as devotees continue to fall to pieces over each new thing the adorable Emerson comes up with. I am utterly in love Emerson and her husband’s country house (posted twice before here and here), and their whole brand aesthetic makes you want to live in their world (the ultimate accomplishment for a ‘brand’?), so I was not surprised to find that I am crazy for their apparel line…

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It’s All in the Wrist


Newsflash: if you want to be cool in S/S ’11, you better not be neglecting your wrists. Wrists are where it’s at.

It’s a chicken and egg scenario. Which came first: the trend of crisping out your wrists– bracelets of almost any style (“tribal,” friendship, chain, leather, cuff), watches (it’s cool to wear more than one at a time), along with a purse strap draped over the forearm (optional but encouraged), and the street style photographers just picked up on it and starting snapping away, OR, did the fashion elite start noticing that street-style photogs love the up-close wrist-centric tableau shots and they starting adding more and more to their wrists, creating complete outfits solely on the wrists, to compete for some lens loving?

We may never know, but if you want Jak and Jil to look your away, start giving your wrists a little love.

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Outlier Outfitters


Their name is actually just Outlier, but isn’t the alliteration of Outlier Outfitters just irresistible? And it makes sense too– Outlier makes “performance” clothing that is meant to transition from commuting to everyday activities to outdoorsy pursuits without batting an eyelash (yes, I just anthropomorphized clothing, they don’t have eyelashes). And, they’re really good-looking.

I’m basically obsessed. If I were a guy, I think I could wear only Outlier clothing every single day and be happy. It’s stylish but not precious. They basically took all the kind of stuff that REI sells and re-designed it to also look good so you don’t look like you’re always wearing athletic clothes. Classic styles (they even have collared shirts and chinos), basic solids, and quality materials (reimagine the possibilities of merino, forget dri-fit).

They now have this women’s bicycle riding pant, and you better bet I’m all over that. I had a nasty accident on my bike a month or so ago and now refuse to bike in anything other than biking pants (they made it so that my leg only bruised rather than bruising and also being slashed up) and apparently these are made to not tear in an accident (in addition to being water-resistant, breathable, etc.). I hope they expand their women’s line soon!

Check out their website for more great photography that will really make you want the Outlier lifestyle and to read all about their clever products.

PS – I swear I wasn’t paid to endorse this brand. I just think they make great stuff and filled a hole in the market!  PPS – Outlier, if you want someone to consult on your growing women’s line… wink wink… just saying.

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Williams British Handmade


In awe of these limited edition and custom pieces of luggage by Williams British Handmade. There’s not much to say since their website is pretty sparse, but they do tell you they are made with brass frames and the highest quality of bridle leather… as if I wasn’t already convinced.


If you’re going to get custom luggage made, you may as well get something out of the ordinary that makes it worth going custom! These shapes are so clever.



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Steven Alan Spring/Summer ’11

steven alan

When I lived in New York, Steven Alan and A.P.C. became two of my favorite stores to browse– both for their store design and because I’m just a sucker for their understated looks that generally skew either tomboyish or retro ladylike. (Plus who can resist the cute undies Steven Alan always hangs in the window?)

Here, three favorite looks from Steven Alan’s spring/summer lookbook.


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French Fashion Item #1


Two French style/fashion items I’m excited about today.

First: April will be the first issue of French Vogue directed by Emmanuelle Alt, whose style I love, in her new role as editor-in-chief!

The cover, featuring Gisele, was just released. I really like that she went for a look so different from her own style! Very smart, as a lot of people were speculating that the magazine would take on a much more rock n roll look with her at the helm.














Now all I need is a subscription for French Vogue… (Mom, I promise this is not a hint aimed at you, even though you were sweet enough to get me the Cire Trudon candle I posted under LustList!!)

PS – An interesting interview with Emmanuelle here. Ever wonder how she has those super thin legs? Well, it’s not through exercise. Sister has never been to a gym and hates physical exertion. Lots more interesting tidbits in the interview…

Images via I Wanna Be An Alt

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French Fashion Item #2

ines de la fressange

Second: Veteran French model and style icon Ines de la Fressange’s book Parisian Chic, which promises not only a style guide but also a city guide to Fressange’s favorite spots in Paris, comes out in English in a couple of weeks! (Pre-order here.)

For the style guide, Fressange herself and her daughter Nine model the classic looks Ines considers essentials.

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More Kulte Goodness

kulte 2

In researching for the post last week on Kulte’s photography for their new campaign, I was looking around on their website and discovered their online magazine-meets-catalog called Kultorama, and it is a treasure trove of even more wonderful photography and eye candy.

With a combination of a sort of travel journal/vintage photo album feel, articles, and outfit collages, they have definitely figured out a formula to creatively communicate their brand identity and to totally hook you on it!

I am really digging the aesthetic of whoever their artistic director is!!


Check out previous issues here and their online store here. You could spend quite a while browsing the Kultoramas. Really quite brilliant because often times I feel like when I discover a store/brand I like, I want to really delve into it, not just to browse the online store, because there’s no story or feeling there, but there’s nothing else really to do on the website. Kultorama certainly gives the consumer a way to delve into the brand…

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