For the Library: Kate Spade’s Things We Love

The new Kate Spade book, Things We Love.  If you’ve ever checked out their company website by the same name, you know this is probably going to be a book you could browse for a while!

So visually rich!  For an interesting interview with Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade Creative Director, and Ed Miller, the man who headed up the project for Graytor Printing, about the production of the book itself, head over to Felt & Wire.

Boast is Back

Iconic seventies tennis brand Boast is being relaunched with the help of Partners & Spade, who art directed these awesome photos by Susanna Howe.

Partners & Spade also helped produce this animated video about the history of Boast and its founder, Bill St. John, the tennis pro at the Field Club of Greenwich.  
I’m pretty taken by Partners & Spade (and, well, all the Spades for that matter)… they crush it every time.  See past post on Partners & Spade here.

Best Made Co >> Block-Printed Maps

I really want to like Best Made Co’s Axes.  They’ve been getting a LOT of attention in the designy-man-world, and I do really like their aesthetic, and I know on an instinctual level that they’re “cool,” but I just can’t quite get into the idea of a pretty axe, as I’m pretty sure anyone who cares about their axe being pretty isn’t using an axe.  Right?  Like what outdoorsman is like, “wow I just love the color palette of the painted stripes on this axe”?
Still, I do like the looks of them, even though I can’t justify their existence or purchase.  And I do like these maps block-printed with their logo.  Again, they don’t quite make logical sense, but I am drawn to the aesthetic.  Well, I like maps, and I like x’s (seriously, also equal-armed t’s), so it wasn’t a hard sell. 
And it makes slightly more sense to me to buy a cool-looking thang to hang on your wall than to buy a cool-looking axe, purportedly a functional object, that you’ll obviously never use.
Best Made Co maps here (of course sold at Partners & Spade).

Kate Spade’s Vintage Book Clutches

Sometimes I come across things that just make my nerdy-designy heart race.  Like these Kate Spade clutches, printed with their own re-imagined vintage book cover designs on silk twill.  Would I actually carry one of these around?  I’m not sure, it could be a little kitschy in real life.  Do I love the concept?  YES.

Love the back cover for Great Expectations…
Available here.

Classics >> Summer Uniform

 Chance, a new line by Julia Leach, former creative director of Kate Spade, is all centered around the striped French fisherman’s/navy t-shirt.  And, not surprisingly, that makes for a collection of perfect summer essentials.  I’ll take one of everything, please. 
They also have a great timeline of the history of the striped shirt, including Matisse’s self-portrait wearing one!

Of course I would find this right after purchasing a child-sized St. James tee because I couldn’t find an adult-sized one I thought was as legit (and the St. James is def legit).  And let me tell you, a child’s size 14 has a pretty strange overall shape when worn by a non-kid.  Clearly, I was desparate.  I also bought that exact tank on the right from Target, which also has a weird fit, obviously, because it’s from Target.  If only I had held out.

My super-cool niece Mini (age 14) last week, after spending a week straight together was like, “you wear a lot of stripes.”  So, I guess I can’t justify another stripe purchase after a comment like that.  
However, one of my other super-cool nieces, Sadie (15), (yes I’m obsessed with my neices/nephews) told me that she had been considering buying the exact same kids’ St. James tee!!  Without knowing I had it!  So that made me feel a little better.  And now I feel like I have good karma for directing her to this Chance one instead.  
And now I’ve directed you there too.  Enjoy!

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