Photographer Pia Ulin

Loving the work of Swedish photographer Pia Ulin and the wonderful interiors she captures, particularly this flat above!

The siding on that island… woof. Is it antiqued mirror? I think so. It catches the light in such a beautiful way. What a clever way to add some jewelry to an otherwise very simple white, wood, and black scheme (which I of course love).

Check out the gallery for much more…

Jeff Bridges’ Photography

Who knew Jeff Bridges is into photography and takes photos chronicling his experiences on the films he works on? I just discovered that he has a very friendly, diy-looking website where he shares the photos, and I spent a solid hour browsing his portfolio.









I love Jeff Bridges, the photos are great, and the whole concept makes me happy. I love that he is into sharing his personal behind-the-scenes take on his work, and it doesn’t have a promotional feel at all, it just feels like he loves photography, loves his job, and wanted to share it with whomever cared to seek it out.

All the photos have captions describing the scene and people, and their tone is like something you would write in an album you were going to show your kids some day. He even has hand-written/drawn intros (like the one below) to each part of the site, adding a folksy flair to the whole thing.

Most of the photos here are from Crazy Heart (because I loved it), but the True Grit ones (like top right) are great too and there are tons on the site!


The Desert Returns

I’m freaking out a little bit over how cool this is. The Namibian town where these photos were taken, Kolmanskop, was once a major diamond-mining town (settled by Germans, hence the name).

When diamonds were discovered, a town was quickly developed, and forty years later when the mines were depleted, the town was abandoned.

And then the desert began to flood back in. Until the buildings were completely taken over.

And then, photographer Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes arrived to document the beautiful remnants of the sand-covered homes.

via Honestly WTF

Paul Massey

I wish I knew anything about these interiors– designer, architect– but alas all I know is who the photographer is– Paul Massey. And what beautiful photographs they are!

The spaces he has shot are amazing in their own right, many with a calming white-heavy Scandinavian country vibe, others with a slightly more industrial feel, but the light in which he captures them really make the images sing.

It’s the kind of simultaneously soft and crystal clear light you wake up to in the morning at a weekend house in a place that is known for being a little bit chilly in the morning, even in the summer. It seems to say, “stay in your warm PJs for a cup of hot coffee, but by lunch time you’ll be ready to change in to tennis clothes or maybe go for a canoe ride.”

via Brock Street


The Burning House

A couple of years ago, when I was living in Santa Barbara, there were crazy wild fires that required my sister and I (amongst many others) to evacuate and actually go through, in real life, the imaginary game you sometimes play with yourself about “what would I grab if my house caught on fire.”

This clever site, The Burning House, asks people to submit a photo of the things they’d take. It’s so interesting to see what people would grab and to wonder if you can imagine what they’re like based on that.

(Also, beyond it’s literal assignment, it’s also inherently an exercise in photo styling, so with a few I wonder, would you really grab that or did it just look good?)

What I realized, when forced to confront this scenario, was that there was very little I truly cared to take. I looked around my apartment, expecting to go into a frenzy, and then the frenzy just didn’t happen. I calmly finished baking the pie I was working on so we’d have something good to eat in our exile, put a few things in a duffel, and walked out the door.

This prompted two epiphanies: 1) hooray, I’m not as materialistic as I thought, and 2) so, all this stuff I’ve bought is pretty meaningless. It was the kind of realization you’ve always known to be true (how many maxims have you heard about “what matters in the end”), but you sort of don’t believe it fully until something hits you over the head with it.

In the end, all I took were my box of letters from family and friends, a box of plane and event tickets I’ve saved my whole life, and photo albums from the pre-digital age– only things representing relationships and experiences– the two things you do hear over and over that make you.

(I also grabbed a small and really poorly thought out selection of clothing that meant I was wearing leather loafers- no socks- for 4 days on a hot dusty ranch where we stayed to ride out the fires.)

Tim Barber Photography

I fell down the internet rabbit hole last week and landed on the portfolio of fashion and portrait photographer Tim Barber. I’m loving his casual, sometimes gritty, wonderfullycandid style.

Barber also started the website Tiny Vices, which encourages visitors to submit their art and photography.

Above, the guys from Red Bucket Films, the Bacaro team, and Bill Powers. Below, Terry Richardson (this one made me laugh out loud, so meta), Andy Spade, and Chloe Sevigny.



Long-Exposure Flight Paths

Fascinated by these long-exposure shots of airport runways and the airspace above them.

via How to be a Retronaut

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