LustList: Kilim Pillows

suzani comp

Just discovered these gorgeous antique wool kilim-covered pillows via poppytalk, and now I’ve got the major wantsies.  Sukan, the etsy shop, is like a treasure trove, and the wares are totally affordable (considering what they are).


For the Library: Kate Spade’s Things We Love

kate spade comp

The new Kate Spade book, Things We Love.  If you’ve ever checked out their company website by the same name, you know this is probably going to be a book you could browse for a while!

So visually rich!  For an interesting interview with Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade Creative Director, and Ed Miller, the man who headed up the project for Graytor Printing, about the production of the book itself, head over to Felt & Wire.


LustList: Orion Suitcase

orion hermes

Hi, my name is Eliza, and I am a luggage addict.

This goes outside the usual parameters for the luggage I like, with its tough/sleek/modern appearance, but I like that it looks hearty enough to withstand being checked.  It looks practical, which cannot be said for most of the luggage I fall for, and thus deserves to be added to the lustlist.  See, this is what addicts do.  Justification.

Luckily for me, my addiction lies beyond my means of acquisition, and hence exists only on this here digital list of lusts.


Bar Carts Pt III


As I’ve discussed before, I really love a good bar cart or tray in a home.  They just give the feeling that you’re always ready for company and a good time.  Here, four examples of really lovely styling mixing the bar elements with art, both propped, for a more ad hoc look, and properly hung, for a more formal effect.


Leather/Wool/Silk/Suede + Cream/Olive/Navy/Cognac

Fall LustList
Collage made using Polyvore

Click through for details…


Touchable Sound

Just in time to feed my recent obsession with album covers, this book featuring the best 7-inch covers just hit shelves.  With over 300 covers, I think this could entertain me for a while!

In related news, Rolling Stone published a list of the top 25 record stores in the US– check it out here.
[Past posts on album covers here and here]


Pantone Credit Card

Speaking of functional objects being pretty, I NEED a Pantone Visa.  Never before has having a special credit card, like with an image or your school logo or whatever, carried any appeal for me, but THIS, on the other hand, would just make the inside of my wallet look so much nicer. I wish I could have all my cards be Pantone cards so they would all stack up in their little slots in my wallet and make a nice little color story.

[Available here]


Quilts, Or More Specifically, an A.P.C. Quilt by Jessica Ogden

After visiting Paula Rubenstein in Soho (see below image) recently, I’ve been having a bit of a thing for quilts, (looking at them on etsy and whatnot, and then generally feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t have a mom who quilted (because quilts are so much more legitimate when they’re made from materials with a meaningful heritage)), so when I saw that A.P.C. is going to be selling limited edition quilts designed my Jessica Ogden made from fabric samples from the vast A.P.C. archives, it fairly put me over the edge.

(An image from the NYT of the wall of antique American textiles and quilts at Paula Rubenstein)

How cool to have a quilt made from fabrics from the archives of a beloved brand?  Their clothes, though I love the Frenchness of the pared-down, effortlessly-casual-yet-just-right designs, generally fit me quite oddly, so I’ve only ever bought a few select items, preferring to just wander the Soho store soaking up the aesthetic… particularly the wonderfully worn and uneven wood floors… those floors were a revelation the first time I went to the store.

So anyway, this quilt thing seems a must– if I can’t wear their clothes, I’ll sleep under them!  Or at least, tiny bits of them all sewn together with love.


LustList >> Vintage Blue Note Records

More Blue Note album covers, for the most part art directed by Reid Miles, photos on 1, 2, and 5 by Francis Wolff.


A Derringer Hybrid

From famed industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, who also makes custom computers featuring chrome, deer hide, and raw aluminum, comes the Derringer– a cross between a 1920s-style board track motorcycle and a bike.  A designy, eco-conscious commuters dream.

With an upcoming move to San Francisco, a city where parking is a daily nightmare and one could theoretically bike everywhere but would arrive at nearly every destination covered in sweat, the motorized bicycle has never seemed more practical.  

That’s right, I don’t just want one because they are each custom built for their rider, fitted with a Brooks leather seat, finished in paint colors so specific they take eight coats to achieve (this particular fact really gets me), or available with monogrammed gas caps, I actually think it would be a very practical gift for myself, like an ironing board or blender, just prettier.

Did I mention they get 150 miles to the gallon?  And that I’ll be commuting every day over the Golden Gate out to Marin?  

[PS- My favorite is the British racing green.  Just sayin'.]

[Adrian van Anz website]

[Derrigner Cycles website]

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