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NPR Valentines

Ok good thing I posted that fight flow chart earlier and got something in there for the guys today, because now I absolutely cannot resist posting these NPR Valentine’s. (Not to say guys can’t love Valentine’s too!)

These make my NPR-loving heart flutter. I love that there’s even a Car Talk-themed one!

Download and then email, print, post to facebook, or whatever you want here.

Send a Valentine…

Last year, one of my very favorite Valentine’s things I came across were the e-cards from Kate Spade, which are designed by a handful of the Kate Spade team’s favorite graphic designers, and I was so excited to see that this year’s cards came out today!

They all have a wonderful handmade and/or cheeky slant to them and are a far cry from the cheesy e-greetings you may be recalling from 1999 when people first got into the idea of e-cards. Click here to send your own e-Valentine’s!

Here are a few of my favorites this year…

Valentine’s at top are by Julia Rothman and Alice Lam.

Hello Handmade

Care Package

Ginny Branch Stelling’s mom sent her this sweet care package for Valentine’s day, complete with a heart-shaped cake mold and cake mix so she could make a Valentines cake for her husband.  Isn’t that the cutest?
Ginny’s awesome blog here.

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan’s papercuts and screenprints
“To my darling, all of these words are worth less than the breath used saying them if we cannot be together. When I wake up in the morning I think of you when I go to bed at night please think of me somewhere under the same moon.”
Artist Rob Ryan combines his poems that seem to say it all in very few words with intricate images cut out of paper or screenprinted..  They seem to create a hopeful and romantic little world that you want to jump right into and soak up.
Thus, I’m dying for this book he collaborated with Paul Smith on:

Here is the description from the Paul Smith:
If you believe in love, but find it difficult to explain – this is for you.
-Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan has been cutting pictures out of paper for many years. He has exhibited all over the world, and recently collaborated with Paul Smith
This book is a limited edition of 500. It contains an exclusive signed and numbered Rob Ryan screen print presented in a gift envelope.
‘An enchanting, rare book that is a pure delight from beginning to end’
Sophie Dahl

[PS- If you started reading this blog right before Valentine's Day, you probably thought I was posting a lot of lovey stuff just because of the holiday.  Well, as it turns out, I have a general obsession with all creative ways of expressing love, all year round... things I call sentimentia... creative bits of sentiment.. hope you enjoy it too!]

Valentine’s 2k10: Finally Here

And Augusta was excited about it!!



We woke up this morning and ate Jelly Beans, applied her heart tattoo, picked out her outfit, and had a dance party …all before breakfast.

As if that weren’t enough to make my Valentine’s Day, it was made even more wonderful by a surprise apartment-cleaning and cupcakes from Kyle…

… lovely flowers delivered to my door from my sweet sister…

…and a gift from Mom, with this message… does she know my style or what??  The story makes it:
“I found it in the best old-fashioned hardware and all-country-needs supply store I have ever been in on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands last fall.  It was called Smith Mercantile Store. … The woman [who owns the store] and her husband live a very simple life on the island raising all their own food and homeschooling their kids. You would have loved the store.”
Thank you!!!  xoxo
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s too.

Valentine's 2k10: Part IV


images from 1: unknown, 2: the selby, 3: unknown, 4: Miles Fisher’s blog

Valentine's 2k10: Part III

Part III: Be My Valentine?

Above, the tiniest Valentines come in the tiniest boxes.  What isn’t cuter in miniature?  Get a custom tiny letter from LeafCutter Designsvia Design*Sponge

If you’re too behind schedule to send out homemade Valentine’s now, you can send this online Valentine’s postcard from Kate Spade (I’m telling you, she’s a genius).
Click the jump for more Valentines

No, not more food, it’s about the bag!  Printable templates from Twig & Thistle, a grand idea.   
Not really a Valentine, I just love the idea of this tandem umbrella made for two.  (I had found it on amazon but it seems to have disappeared.)

Paper flower Valentines by EmersonMade
(These are also their paper flowers.) via Design*Sponge
H&M’s Valentine’s packaging is pretty cute.

Re-purposed matchboxes!

I thought there was nothing better than a love letter, but a love letter necklace just might be.
[Cannot for the life of me remember where these last two images came from, but I re-found the necklace here.]

Valentine’s 2k10: Part II

Part II: The Food Edition


LOVED this cute idea from Eating is Art– she decortated this box and filled it with things she loved about her husband and things he loves.  (Recipes included in the link too.)

For the non-sweet-toothers*, a cheese and fruit plate with calimyra figs.  Did you know they look like hearts when cut length-ways?  Click the jump for more edible treats…

I don’t know how you manage to cut a heart out of the middle of a marshmallow, but it’s a great idea.


Like a rice krispie treat but with cheerios? 

(Yes I know I JUST posted a poster with this phrase, but helloww, it’s hilarious, and I liked this print too.  Is this going to become the next “Keep Calm & Carry On” (the last print to become ubiquitous in the design blog world) ?)

1: the adorable box of sweets from Eating is Art  via Frolic.  Good thing I have a blog now, this has been bookmarked for a year now!!

2, 3, 5: Martha Stewart

4: can’t remember, sorry!

6: cookies available from etsy baker Short and Sweet
7: from Rar Rar Press (love their stuff, check it out)


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