Converted Barn

If the description of a home, or restaurant, or shop, or really any building has “converted” in the description, I’m likely to like it. Digging this converted barn with a totally simple palette, stripes, and modern touches.

To be totally honest, I’m not sold on the stone… maybe an over-usage of stone in interiors in newly-built Atlanta houses in the late 90′s just made a little stone-averse, but I’m also wondering if this barn would have originally had any stone work? Because if not, it seems a little funny to bring it in now? But, that’s getting pretty picky. I’m pretty sure if I saw this space in person, I would fall in love. Via Delight by Design

Also, wonderlusters, can you help me out? Every once in a while, I hit a phase where I’m just not finding much that I’m really inspired by… and hence, not much to share with you. I’m in a rut. Have you seen anything awesome recently? What sites do you visit or magazines do you read when you’re in need of inspiration? I need some new juice!

Masters and Their Crafts

Roost + Cultivate Wines

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katie ermilio

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Drawn In
drawn in

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Listening To

Arcade Fire + Chris Milk
creators project

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Canopy & Stars
canopy and stars

This site is so much fun to browse. Talk about wanderlust. Alistair Sawday, author of the Special Places... 


Modern Cottage
canada cabin

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Style Files

RRL’s Vintage-y Lookbook

As Miss Moss said, there have been an influx (onslaught?) of vintage-inspired lookbooks recently, but... 


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