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I’m obsessed with this tumblr– Awesome People Hanging Out Together– that the photos above are from. What a great concept for a collection of photos.

I thought I’d take this chance to share my favorite blogs and tumblrs, and give you the chance to tell me (and the other Wonderlusters) yours! I love trading blog inspiration…

Mine change all the time (internet-induced ADD), but here are a few current (and some perennial) faves…

Tomboy Style (no explanation necessary), Clippings (tumblr), The Steward (tumblr), Miss Moss, My Favorite Color is Shiny (love this lady), Sunset in the Rearview (music), French By Design (interiors), The CoveteurBecause I’m Addicted (fashion), This is Glamorous, Nick OlsenCould I Have That, and of course Smitten Kitchen (recipes and wonderful commentary).

So PLEASE, comment and share your favorites with me too!!!

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PPS – You might have noticed my posting on Wonderlust has been a little sporadic– my job has been a little nutsbusy recently (but in a good way!)– just wanted to let you know it’s only temporary and WL should be back in full swing shortly! I’ll also be sharing the project I’ve been working on in the very near future… so excited!

Who Could Resist: “To My Wife”

If you’re ever feeling like romance is dead, take a minute and indulge yourself in To My Wife.  Girls, this may be your new guilty pleasure.

Similar to 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son (and who didn’t love that one??), Jannuzzi offers up charmingly sincere tidbits to his as-of-yet unmet future wife about what his end of the bargain will be and how he imagines small details of their relationship, including just enough things he can’t or won’t do to keep it from feeling overly sentimental or idealized.

Glamour UK interviewed Jannuzzi, offering more insight into who this guy is…

GLAMOUR.COM: How did you come up with the idea for To My Wife? Have you been keeping the list private before now?

John Jannuzzi: I saw a commercial for a jewellery store on television, a jewellery store I don’t particularly enjoy and wouldn’t want to buy my engagement ring at. So I just sort of thought to myself, “my wife should know I won’t be going there” and the idea really came out of that. So for a month I was thinking and gathering notes and I just publicised it this week. It’s not like I keep a leather notebook in my sock drawer with rhinestones and bows on it or anything, but I (and I think many other people) think about the future often. For me, I hope my future includes marriage and a family and all that stuff.

Smitten Kitchen

I adore the food blog Smitten Kitchen.  It always puts me in the mood to cook. 
I just came across this recipe for Chard and Sweet Potato Gratin in a hunt for what to do with Swiss Chard, and I just think Deb is the funniest, most likeable person.  …Or, well, at least it seems that way from her writing… I feel like I know her, but I guess I really don’t.  Ohh the deceptiveness of the internet.

Here’s how she introduces the recipe:
“Surely I’m not alone in this: When I’m eating starchy foods, I think I should be eating more greens. When I’m eating my greens, I wish I had heavier foods to balance them. And pretty much all of the time, I wonder why it has been so long since I made macaroni and cheese.”

 Click here for the recipe, or here for her blog.  I’m also presently craving the radicchio, apple, and pear salad she just talked about.

Antler Magazine

While I think the name is a mistake (seriously, enough with antlers people, they’ve had their moment), the new digital Antler Magazine does have some cool photography.
Like Lonny Mag and other publications by Issuu, layout looks like the above and can be viewed in full screen, with pages that appear to actually “turn.”  This will be so cool on the iPad!!

Antler Magazine here.

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