Photographer Pia Ulin

pia ulin

Loving the work of Swedish photographer Pia Ulin and the wonderful interiors she captures, particularly this flat above!

The siding on that island… woof. Is it antiqued mirror? I think so. It catches the light in such a beautiful way. What a clever way to add some jewelry to an otherwise very simple white, wood, and black scheme (which I of course love).

Check out the gallery for much more…


Jerome Galland


A few beautiful home shots for you from French photographer Jerome Galland. Above left, a home in St. Syr sur Mer, and above right, the Italian vacation home of Giorgio Armani, both from Marie Claire Maison (why aren’t American decor magazines this good?).

How cool are those two dining spaces? The giant open wall with big drapes flanking and the pergola of palm branches are both ideas I’m making mental notes of for later…

Below, a home in Mykonos. As my sister just said, “Who knew white could say so much?” Whether Greek or Scandinavian, I’m not getting sick of the mostly white look (and I’m still pretty hooked on white+wood, leather, and black for a city house), it just looks so visually refreshing.

via one of my faves, French by Design


Paul Massey


I wish I knew anything about these interiors– designer, architect– but alas all I know is who the photographer is– Paul Massey. And what beautiful photographs they are!

The spaces he has shot are amazing in their own right, many with a calming white-heavy Scandinavian country vibe, others with a slightly more industrial feel, but the light in which he captures them really make the images sing.

It’s the kind of simultaneously soft and crystal clear light you wake up to in the morning at a weekend house in a place that is known for being a little bit chilly in the morning, even in the summer. It seems to say, “stay in your warm PJs for a cup of hot coffee, but by lunch time you’ll be ready to change in to tennis clothes or maybe go for a canoe ride.”

via Brock Street




maurice padovani

Loving the use of space, colors, and materials in this Marseilles home designed by Maurice Padovani.  The kitchen, dining room, and living room are condensed into to a fairly small area, but it feels airy and light due to the open floor plan, restricted palette, and lack of clutter.




Keri Russell’s Brooklyn Brownstone


Loved these shots from this month’s Elle Decor feature on Keri Russell and her husband Shane Deary’s home in Brooklyn. Deary is a contractor and craftsman, and the two renovated the 1860′s building themselves, including restoring the floors, which Deary pulled up plank-by-plank, numbered, refinished, and replaced in their original location. Um, wow.

I was obsessed with Felicity (I think it’s one reason I transferred from UNC to NYU– I re-watched the entire series during my first semester at UNC, and in the show, Felicity attends the fictional “UNY”…), and now, I’m obsessed with Keri Russell’s actual life.


Modern Anthology

modern anthology

A new must-visit destination next time I’m in New York… Modern Anthology. Love the aesthetic.

A few minutes browsing their site reveals a host of treasures, from vintage darts with real feathers, to a perfectly worn button-tufted leather Chesterfield sofa, to custom vintage wallpapers made from enlarged British ephemera. The actual store must be such a treasure trove.


Mechiche in Paris


Loving the art- and book-filled Paris apartment of interior designer Frederic Mechiche. The mix of 18th century antiques and paneling with mid-century classics is unified by the simplistic color palette and set off by art ranging from African masks to pieces by Dubuffet, Sol Lewitt, and Joseph Beuys.

Add in the furniture– Bertoia, Mies van der Rohe– and the place practically reads like a 20th century name game. But despite all the heavy-hitters, the space doesn’t feel cliche (which could’ve happened so easily) and instead has an eclectic, collected, personal vibe.

photos via Triple Max Tons and Automatism


A Former Oil Mill Near Nimes

french getaway

The title says it all, no? Read: airy converted space + south of France. What more do you need? I love the subdued palette, mix of materials– stone, concrete, wood, iron, linen– and those amazing huge iron windows!!

I’m high on French daydreams right now…

Designed by Marie-Laure Helmkampf, via Cote Maison


Retail Design Inspiration

store interiors

After mentioning Steven Alan and APC in the previous post, I was thinking about how much I love those store interiors and thought I would share them. In the process, I came across the site and blog of Gia Luu, who is a specialist in merchandising and who has a blog of store interior photos.

It is probably a good thing there weren’t that many pages to her blog, or I would have gotten sucked in for hours (do you love store interiors as much as I do?? Half of why I love shopping when I travel is to see the store interiors!), but Gia Luu, please continue your blog! I would definitely follow a blog that just features cool store designs.

In fact, my original post for today was going to be about one of the Hermes stores! …But I’ll save that for another day.

All images shown above are also in the gallery below, with names of each store shown if you’re curious!



The Lion


This is by no means new news, as it opened almost a year ago, but I still love the design of The Lion in New York and had to share. Owned by John de Lucie of the Waverley Inn and Mark Amadei of Delicatessen, The Lion was born for success.

Meg Sharpe, a former employee of Kelly Wearstler, designed the English hunting estate-meets-Paris salon-meets-Gentleman’s Club interiors, which are finished off with works including a Basquiat (“on loan from a friend”), a David LaChapelle portrait of Andy Warhol, prints of old “New York’s Most Wanted” photos, and antique oil portraits.


I also love this story about The Lion, via New York Social Diary:

“The space in its previous incarnation was a restaurant called Village. In the early 1960s it was a gay bar called … The Lion. It had a cabaret show in those days, and once the club’s hatcheck girl won the amateur night contest. The prize was a two week booking at … The Lion. That little girl was called Barbra Streisand.”


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