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Recent eye candy favorites posted to the tumblr page. (If you were wondering, is not a real tumblr, but since it’s an image-only page, it was the easiest way to name it after we had to change it from “Editor’s Chair.” Also if you were wondering, I’m thinking I will turn that page into an actual tumblr for those of you who use tumblr…)


Also, I’ve recently really gotten into Pinterest! I am an absolutely obsessive image-saver/cataloguer, I probably have 50 folders on my computer with 1000s of images of interiors, so I’m glad to have somewhere to save them online (instead of eating up my hard drive) and to have the ability to TAG them. HURRAH. So much better than saving them on my computer where I can’t tag them! So, slowly, I’m planning to upload my bazillions of images to Pinterest, and am also pinning stuff I found around the internets (the bookmarklet rocks).

So if you’re a fan of the tumblr page, follow me on Pinterest, as it is getting much more frequent updates! (And you’ll get to see the tags, which is fun because then you know why I’m saving it– inspiration for floors, cabinet hardware, etc.)

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I’m on Vacation Y’all


Sorry for the meager posting this week! I’m on vacation but have still been half-working, and I finally just decided to take the rest of week completely off. I realized I need a total break before going back to work on Monday. In the mean time, I’ll be doing the things you see above, and if you’re bored in your mean time, check out @wonderjournal on Twitter for links and articles I’ll post as I come across them.

Most recent tweets:

Loved this essay about Southern women in @gardenandgun

Love these boots.

I couldn’t agree more! When men look like they’re dressing to be blogged about, it’s a turn off… on @parkandbond

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Today I’m feeling…


Color. Surprise color, stripes of color, books by color.

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Links, etc.


Hi there! In case you’re not following Wonderlust on Twitter, I thought I’d post a round-up of recent links and stuff I’ve posted to Twitter. Basically, all the stuff I come across and love that doesn’t make it onto the blog gets posted to Twitter…

This week:

What the what?! This is amazing. And SO confusing. Indoor choreographed “skydiving”

If you haven’t caught this yet, you need to. Grand Rapids makes video in response to being called top dying city in US.

And now, one of their retirement homes makes an even more awesome video, further proving it is not a dying city.

Well put: “The be all and end all of centerpieces”

Oh gosh yes. Turn a stack of magazines or books (heavens knows I have plenty of both) into a stool!

FACT: A smile of just a mere four-hundredths of a second is enough to produce a mini emotional high in others.

“Fantastic Flying Books”- making kids’ books interactive for the iPad! COOL! Trailer:

Ok this is super cool, but is it going to become real or just a daydream?

Have never seen art like this before! Images created all with letters and symbols on a typewriter…

Wow, LOVE the interface of new recipe-finder — the whole-screen photos and overlaid recipe format is so pleasing!

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Recently on Editor’s Chair

summer editors chair

For random reasons I won’t go into, I had to change the name of Editor’s Chair, so it is currently just titled with my name at the top of the page. I’ve also been rather slack about posting to it recently, but I just added a ton of new images, so wanted to alert you that there’s lots of new eye candy to check out, and even a page from one of my favorite books– The History of Loveif you’re looking for some summer reading. Happy browsing…


Also, a few favorite videos and songs from this week:

Current favorite song off the new Bon Iver album (with an unofficial stop-motion animation video):


An adorable mother-daughter video from Kate Spade’s youtube channel:


It’s like time-lapse/stop-motion week around here… I was just in Chicago last week (for the first time!) so I loved coming across this time-lapse of a boat journey through the city! Particularly love it as the sun starts to set… and the fireworks!

Chicago by boat: A timelapse journey from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


An absolutely random but delightful video:


And a cover by Billy Simons (a friend of mine) of “Run” by George Strait. Billy isn’t actually a country singer but I love this cover! His album (which I also love, it’s been on repeat all week) is available for free here.

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Recently On…


Editor’s Chair.

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recently on

Don’t forget, when you’re in the mood for straight visual inspiration, without having to listen to me ramble, you can head over to Editor’s Chair to get your fix. I also post videos there when I find ones I like that I don’t make a whole post about. So check it out!


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Connect with Wonderlust!


Hi Wonderlust Friends,

I just wanted to remind you to follow Wonderlust on Twitter and Facebook if you’re not already! Here’s why:

1) I come across a ton of stuff I would love to post on Wonderlust but I just don’t have time or it’s just not quite right for the blog, and I use Twitter to share all those other things.

2) I want to hear from you! Become a fan on facebook and use the wall to give me feedback on what you do and don’t like, or what you’d like more of.

3) Receive updates when new posts go up, right in your Facebook news feed.

You can click the links at the very top of the page to get to the Wonderlust pages on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re curious, here’s a few examples of links I’ve posted recently on Twitter:

+60 bizarre and creative business cards:

+Love this pavement-crack street art!

+Reading the first date stories in the comments on this post by @joannagoddard is pretty entertaining/cute!

+Google dissects its own management style/effectiveness, NYT reports on the surprising results:

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Recently On Editor’s Chair

recently on3

For more visual inspiration, click over to Editor’s Chair.

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Recently On Editor’s Chair

recently on

Two cases of cool.

On the left, Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards, and Gram and Gretchen Parsons in Paris.

On the right, an old photo found by Lisa Ann Wilson via Miss Moss.

More on Editor’s Chair.

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Recently on Editor’s Chair…

Click over to Editor’s Chair, the tumblr within the blog, for more.  

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